GID Power

The reliability and customization of our business plan allows us to satisfy the emerging and changing electric market. Our bridging power product will allow communities and industries to have energy supply all year round, i.e., minimum electric downtime. The idea is to provide the customer with quick reliable and affordable supply. With our mobile turbines, generators and microturbines, there are no limits or frontiers to where we can deliver power. Our solution can be injected directly into medium local voltage network or the main high voltage grid making it accessible to any location.

Fast Power

Fast energy means we will be there to power businesses, factories, or communities in a reliable efficient turnaround time. Our plug and play turnkey solutions will provide our customers with rapid access to power. Our modular power solution allows us to design and operate custom interim, permanent, or semi-permanent generation sites while powering power-intensive industries, factories, and communities.

Flexible Power

Flexible energy means our solution will provide customers with customizable options to fit their needs. Each of our solutions is designed to match the unique requirements and operating styles of any given installation. This means we will adjust to type of site, fuel type, voltage, emissions, technology preference and more. Our project consists in deploying state of the art power generation equipment while adjusting to the specific customer needs and obtaining the optimal balance of speed and cost.