Digital Printing

Grupo de Integracion Digital (GID) owns state of the art web digital printers with 600dpi, 1400pp/min and an installed capacity of 20 million impressions per month. Our digital technology print on demand service is used as a way of printing items for a fixed cost per copy, irrespective of the size of the order. We use 1:1 rip web-based application technology to enhance productivity.


GID owns several e-publishing tools that compile the process where all files are delivered to a single published database where an on line, electronic media, and paper copies outputs are produced. With XML technology, the application consists of defining/publishing different book components, such as: TOC, Volume/Tab arrangement, PDF files for DB, PDF indexing and compilation. The software application has several routines built in that access different data warehouse systems automatically where data are downloaded and compiled. Our applications provide output in a pre-defined format for manuals to become available.


GID counts with web-based state-of-the-art inventory and tracking systems that allow a year-round quality handling of your fulfillment programs. The web-based system links our firewall protected central site to remote suppliers and customers sites to handle restocking or shipping. Our advanced RTI (real-time inventory) system lets you check inventory status online so that backorders are virtually eliminated. Typical jobs fulfilled include business-to-business and business-to-consumer orders for literature, products, premiums and samples.

Translation Management

GID is a TRADOS Translation Management certified company. We own a translation collaboration tool to help manage and facilitate the complexity of the translation process. All files and publications go through a 5-step process of analysis, preparation, quality review, process and final quality assurance. Our tool creates an on line-bidding contest for every project to reduce cost through competition. All communication with the translation agencies is web-based with a variety of tools that provide for fast data transmission and management of workloads. With the use of the translation memory (TM) and end of the line data base management our process reduces translation costs up to 60%. Our company counts with a file conversion team that creates clean open source files to facilitate translations. Our team is also topped by a QA (quality assurance) team to comply with customer specifications.

Human Resources

GID is a certified company for finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants. Our company helps companies deal with fast changing environments as we play a key role in addressing the greater demand for quality employees.

Information Management

GID provides Infrastructure Technology (IT) for on demand information management. We consolidate data from different backup applications across multiple servers. By storing data in a uniform database, we enable business intelligence controls to protect critical data. Our system provides all data when and how your business units need it so we can respond to market requests more rapidly identifying new business opportunities. Data management is a strategic asset to gain business value and provide a set of solutions to address the most critical and technical information initiatives.