Energy Consulting

Let our experts analyze your business and advice you on how to take advantage of the electric market best. Our consultants will conduct a study of the industry and analyze the electric needs and opportunities. We will generate a plan for optimizing energy consumptions and provide solutions to drive energy costs down.

Equipment Solutions

Microturbine Technology

Microturbines are a simple form of gas turbine generator combination, usually featuring a radial compressor and turbine rotors and often using just one stage of each. They typically recover exhaust energy to preheat compressed inlet air, thereby increasing electrical efficiency. The entire system can be set up to provide cogeneration and trigeneration advantages. Compared with traditional gas turbines microturbines provide higher electrical efficiency.


  • Simple compact systems
  • Low emissions
  • Low interment cost
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Low cost of energy production
  • Onsite power generation
  • Clean fossil fuel burning technology
  • Works under a variety of fuels
  • Can be set up for cogeneration and trigeneration
  • Very efficient energy output
  • Can generate outputs from 50KW to 300 KW

Generator Engine Technology

A reciprocating engine generator is an internal combustion engine that provides incremental peaking energy power. It uses the expansion of gases to drive a piston within a cylinder and converts the piston linear movement to circular movement of a crankshaft to generate power. The four strokes involved in the operation of such equipment are: intake, compression, power and exhaust. With spark-ignited combustion, the air/fuel mixture is ignited driving the piston trough the power stroke which moves the crankshaft generating power.


  • Ability to power up quickly
  • Short run-cycle requirements
  • Ability to operate at high altitudes and areas with high temperatures
  • Ease in siting because of their size
  • Can use multiple sources of fuel (gas, diesel, biogas)
  • Can generate multiple outputs of electricity, from 20KW up to 3 MW

Cogeneration Solutions

Configuration of electric output to generate electricity at 40% electric efficiency and thermal energy (hot water or steam) at 50% electric efficiency at the same time. This set up increases the overall efficiency of engine production.

Trigeneration Solutions

Configuration of electric output to generate electricity at 40% efficiency and thermal energy at 50% efficiency at the same time. This module uses a chiller in order to generate cold water at temperatures of 3 degrees. This set up optimizes the overall efficiency of energy production.

BioGas Solutions

The creation of renewable energy powered by agricultural, agro-industrial, and waste gas.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is the result of the decomposition in the absence of oxygen generated by the interaction of bacteria and organic substances so as to create methane.

GID Power offers cogeneration of renewable energy using a BioGas set up power plant. This means our team will provide civil, technological, and machinery in order to set up a biogas facility that can generate up to 1 MW of electricity via methane gas.

Waste to Energy

The process of generating energy (electricity and heat) from the treatment of waste. Waste is processed by our equipment to separate organics and inorganics. The organics are used in a cleanup process to generate a pulp that is utilize by an anaerobic process to generate biogas. The Biogas is run through a cleaning process and latter used by an engine to generate electricity and heat. Our company provides the turnkey project for this specific solution.

Biomass / Pyrolysis Solutions

The creation of electricity powered by biomass waste. Our equipment creates synthetic gas through a pyrolysis gasifier process to create clean combustion that can be use by an engine to generate electricity. The electricity generated in consider a clean source. As an additional output our equipment creates carbon negative residue that is very reach for agricultural processes.

Operation and Maintenance

GID Power provides turbine operators and services contracts so you can concentrate on the core of your business while we work on delivering the required energy needs. Our services include:

  • Daily operators
  • 24/7 maintenance availability
  • Safety engineers
  • Electrical output efficiency operational checks
  • Spare parts repairs